How to highlight a quoted text on GitHub Markdown

This article was published on Jan 09, 2023, and takes less than a minute to read.

It seems to be a beta/recent feature on Github, but today I learned we could highlight a blockquote by adding its "types" in the first line:

> [!NOTE]
> Useful information that users should know, even when skimming content.

> [!TIP]
> Helpful advice for doing things better or more easily.

> Key information users need to know to achieve their goal.

> Urgent info that needs immediate user attention to avoid problems.

> Advises about risks or negative outcomes of certain actions.

This input will produce the following output:

Block quote with highlighted title
Block quote with highlighted title

This might work in every single place as you can write markdown such as READMEs, .md files (that will be rendered in the GitHub platform), comments, etc.


This feature is there for a while already and it's called "Alerts". Check the documentation link in the resources section.